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February Draft Beer

Ponysaurus Fig Saison

Durham, NC

Finishes dry with a mix of fruit, floral, spice, and subtle fig-ish notes.
6.3% ABV

Ponysaurus Pomegranate Sour

Durham, NC

Snappy, tart beer brewed with Epiphany craft malts and Belgian yeast. Traditional fruited sour with notes of stone fruit and cereal.
6.6% ABV

Ponysaurus Biere de Garde

Durham, NC

French farmhouse ale. Apple, pear, almond, and vanilla, hint of lemon rind.
6.3% ABV

Ponysaurus Rye Pale Ale

Durham, NC

Rich, smooth, malt-focused beer that pours incredibly dark. Nutty Marris Otter malt provides deep hits of caramel, coffee, and chocolate
5.4% ABV

HopFly “Pass the Axe” Smoked Pilsner

Rocky Mount, NC

Smoked Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner, topped with Bo-Pils, yielding a delicious pilsner with just a hint of smoke.
4.7% ABV

Beers (Cans and Bottles)

Brewery Bhavana “Thicket” Doppelbock

Raleigh, NC

Collaboration with Ponysaurus. Bourbon barrel-aged. Dark bread, toffee, winter.
9.0% ABV

Ponysaurus IPA

Durham, NC

Tangerine and passionfruit with a crisp bouquet of lemon citrus, grapefruit rind, and melon
6.3% ABV

Ponysaurus “Don’t Be Mean To People”

Durham, NC

North Carolina Farmhouse Ale
6.0% ABV

Beer Lao


Rice lager
5.0% ABV

Beer Lao Dark


Jasmine rice, caramel, molasses
6.5% ABV

HopFly “Late Night” Lager

Rocky Mount, NC

A take on a dunkel lager, overwhelmingly crisp, toasted caramel notes
4.2% ABV

HopFly “Crunchtime” Lager

Rocky Mount, NC

HopFly’s flagship lager. 100% Epiphany Pilsner Malt along with Wakatu and Zuper Saazer hops.
4.0% ABV

Taiwan Beer “Classic”


Refreshing lager brewed with local Ponlai rice
5.0% ABV

Echigo Koshihikari


Gluten-free rice lager. Crisp and refreshing with a slight floral hop.
5.0% ABV

D9 “Brewers Day Off” Gose

Cornelius, NC

A refreshing cucumber and melon Gose
4.8% ABV


#1 “Terrace”

Yuzu sake, lime, mint, ginger beer. Served up.

#3 “Gao Na”

Nigori, lemongrass, tamarind, Crude Bitters, rosemary. Served up.

#5 “Sassu Highball”

Nigori, ginger, lime, Taiwanese sarsaparilla soda.

#6 “Ihla Formosa”

Nigori, salted plum, jalapeno, guava, basil. Served up.

#14 “Hearts in Harmony”

Douang Prachanh cold brew by Little Waves, Hakutsuru sake, sweetened condensed milk. Served up.


Kikusui Red 1-Cup

Niigata, Japan

Gohyakumangoku rice polished to 55%

Super rich with aromas of hazelnut spread, bananas, and vanilla
SMV -4 | 19.0% ABV

Kikusui Yellow 1-Cup

Niigata, Japan

Gohyakumangoku rice polished to 70%

Full-bodied with notes of hazelnuts and toasted rice
SMV -4 | 19.8% ABV

Amabuki Marigold 1-Cup

Saga, Japan

Heirloom omachi rice polished to 65%

Made with yeast isolated from marigold blossoms
SMV +4 | 15.0% ABV

Amabuki Strawberry 1-Cup

Saga, Japan

Heirloom omachi rice polished to 55%

Made with yeast isolated from strawberry blossoms
SMV +1 | 16.0% ABV

Amabuki Sunflower 1-Cup

Saga, Japan

Heirloom omachi rice polished to 55%

Made with yeast isolated from sunflower blossoms
SMV +10 | 16.0% ABV

Homare Yuzu Sake

Fukushima, Japan

 Tart & sweet junmai sake infused with yuzu juice
SMV +10 | 10.0% ABV

Kitaya “Love Princess” Sparkling

Fukuoka, Japan

Yamadanishiki rice polished to 60%

Made with special red Koji. Delicately sweet, grapefruit, citrus aromas.
SMV -5 | 7.5% ABV

Kitaya “Love Prince” Sparkling

Fukuoka, Japan

Yamadanishiki rice polished to 60%

Slightly sparkling, fermented in bottle. Delicately sweet, citrus overtones, fruity aromas.
SMV -5 | 7.5% ABV

Kiku Masamune “Cedar Spice”

Hyogo, Japan

Rice Blend Polished to 73%

Opulent aromatic with distinctive, exotic spice, and cedar notes.
SMV +5 | 13.5% ABV

Kinpou Yamahai “Golden Treasure”

Fukushima, Japan

Organic local rice strains, grown using Biodynamic techniques, polished to 60%

Serve at 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit. Can also be enjoyed chilled. Starfruit, melon, lemon zest
SMV +7 | 15.5% ABV

Bunraku “Dancing Gold Flakes”

Kanto, Japan

Toyama Gohyakumangoku polished to 55%

Medium dry, rice forward
SMV +1 | 15% ABV

Bunraku “Forgotten Japanese Spirit”

Saitama, Japan

Toyama Gohyakumangoku polished to 60%

Super dry and rich. Refreshing and clean with fruit (yellow apples and poached pears) overtones.
SMV +5 | 15.5% ABV

Katoukichibee “Born Gold”

Fukui, Japan

Yamadanishiki rice polished to 50%

Smooth, tropical fruit, hint of nougat
SMV +1 | 15.0% ABV

“Dragon God”

Yamaguchi, Japan

Gohyakumangoku rice polished to 55%

Melon & grape aromas. Sweet on the palate with a smooth finish.
SMV -2 | 16.5% ABV

Suigei “Drunken Whale”

Kochi, Japan

Akitsuho Polished to 55%

Jasmine, sea air, fresh fennel. Very dry finish.
SMV +7 | 15.5% ABV

Dassai 50

Yamaguchi, Japan

Yamadanishiki rice polished to 50%

Exceedingly smooth & highly aromatic with effusive aromas & flavors of lychee, anise, & white blossoms
SMV +3 | 15.5% ABV

Hakutsuru Excellent Junmai “White Crane”

Hyogo, Japan

Nihonbare rice polished to 70%

Brewed with a special 250 year old technique. Full-bodied, mellow, smooth.
SMV +1.5 | 15.5% ABV