Open Position: Pastry Chef

Open Position: Pastry Chef



Work for one of the Top 50 restaurants in the United States as selected by Bon Appetit and one of the Top 10 coffee shops in the United States by HopCulture Magazine. Opportunity for career growth with the company.

Candidate must be committed to being safe from COVID-19, wear mask at all times, and take precautions at work and outside if work.

Candidates are expected to work with a wide variety of pastries/breads/etc , keep a clean and orderly kitchen environment and be a part of a tight-knit team. Responsibilities include:

  • Reliably produce (and manage the production schedule and quality) of various breads, biscuits, and baos for kitchen service.
  • Work with the owner and executive chef to plan and execute a creative menu for patisserie operations, based on–but with a unique spin–on traditional Asian pastries, breads, and creations from East and Southeast Asian flavors.
  • Keep kitchen clean, organized, and up to health code

Candidates must:

  • Have great attention for detail and always strive for top quality standards
  • Have experience working in commercial kitchens using a variety of culinary techniques
  • Have a thirst for culture and learning about culinary techniques and flavors
  • Experience with or exposure to Asian pastries and flavors is a huge plus
  • Work well on solo shifts, especially due to COVID-19 but also love working with others when necessary
  • Have a great attitude, love people, and treat everyone with respect
  • Keep an eye on inventory levels
  • Be open to receiving feedback and learnings from the owner / executive chef
  • Follow recipes and written instructions well (and help develop them as a collaborative team process)
  • ServSafe or equivalent certification a plus.

Job Type: Part-time or Full-Time