Consider that coffee comes from cherries and each cherry yields a maximum of two coffee beans. Often grown in hard-to-reach areas without the infrastructure we’ve grown accustomed to in Raleigh. We are grateful for the farmers and for everyone along the way who uphold the quality of what these farmers have grown, making it possible for us to a bit of nature that’s been cared for for generations. This philosophy applies to everything we have the luxury of making and enjoying at Heirloom.

Coffee has a story to tell. As an heirloom given to us, we’re here to tell those stories.


Perhaps one of the oldest and most celebrated links between East and West, tea has a depth and history that we’ve only just begun to broach. Green, white, red, and black tea tell only part of the story. As Eastern journeyers traveled West, the green tea they carried became oxidized fireside and arrived in Europe as black tea.

Join us as we journey, together, into the diverse world of tea, its storied history, and its cultural significance.


Steeped in the history of pan-Asian exploration, socioeconomic nuance, and gender roles, sake is intriguing and dear to us. From its earliest beginnings, sake has been an honored beverage, meant to be enjoyed with ritual and community.

By tradition, a friend must always pour your sake for you and the compassion be returned, drinking together as equals. Won’t you let us pour for you?


East by Southeast Asian.

The culmination of our childhood memories, night market favorites, and patisserie creations, Heirloom is a marriage of the beautifully distinct cultures that have made us who we are. Through the eyes and trials of our parents and our travels through Japan, Laos, and Taiwan, we’ve discovered ourselves.

Now, to share that is an honor.